Texas real estate has never seen better days. Marcus Hiles is a real estate tycoon in Texas, who has singlehandedly built up an empire that is worth a billion dollar in assets, and is responsible for some amazing properties that you can only find here.

Marcus Hiles Fills a Gap in the Market with Luxury Residences, through his impressive properties that are available at affordable prices. These residences offer more than just houses to its occupants – they offer a world of possibilities in a good neighbourhood, among friendly people that feels just like home.

The homes are located right next to schools and businesses and are priced at rates that are below market. They are the best places to live in the whole of Texas, which is why they are so popular and frequently get occupied as soon as they are listed.

Marcus Hiles: Meet the CEO of Western Rim Properties and the man behind it all. He is a humble man, despite having earned his billion the hard way, and always has millions to spare for charity.

Marcus Hiles Amazing Ascension to the Top of The Dallas Real Estate World

In recent years, Marcus Hiles has gained a foothold in the competitive Dallas real estate market while emerging as a trailblazer and a trendsetter. Founder of Western Rim Property Services, the Pepperdine alumni member now boasts over 25,000 premiumproperties Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas/Fort Worth, and more recently, New Braunfels, Texas.

Focussing on Building Futures, not just buildings

Marcus Hiles Dallas news clearly explains what sets Western Rim Property Services apart from its competitors: they have the most discriminating customer in mind when creating their homes. All developments created by Marcus Hiles include features, comforts and amenities that are unique, no matter where they happen to pop up. From the Mansions line of high-quality townhomes to the amazing Estates and Grand Estates developments, all provide the residents with an unmatched blend of comfort and style.

As for the signature Towers properties, theyoffer modern lofts that are both state-of-the-art and comfortable. High quality amenities and materials have become a trademark of Western Rim Property Services. For many, hardwood floors, granite kitchen countertops,stainless-steel appliances, genuine marble baths and plush 80-ounce carpet are accessible. By concentrating on details that customers appreciate, Marcus Hiles’ Dallas developments are creating deafening buzz.

Western Rim Properties and Mansions Custom Homes are two of the mosttalked about real estate development and management companies in America. Their Founder Marcus Hiles, humbled by his success, continues his commitment to local communities by contributing millions of dollars to non-profit organizations and causes he believes in throughout the great state of Texas.

Western Rim Property Has Become an Ecofriendly Company

With the rise in pollution and other related problems, the impact on the environment has been significant. In order to help preserve and protect the environment from further harm, many organizations, companies and individuals have taken up the responsibility of safeguarding this precious but fragile resource. Western Rim Property Services is one of them. This is remarkable and important considering that this company is a real estate development firm. Therefore, it is prone to harming the environment over the course of its work.

Be that as it may, the founder of Western Rim Property Services, Marcus Hiles is a dedicated environmentalist. He has dedicated an ample amount of time, effort and money into keeping the environment safe. At the same time, he has ensured that his company also follows the aim that he has set for it which is environmental protection.

Western Rim Property Services keeps up this aim in a variety of methods. Apart from adopting ecofriendly practices and processes into its workflow, the company has undertaken a number of other options. For example, it creates green spaces in all homes and apartments that it develops.

At the same time, the company tries to use renewable sources of energy wherever possible. In fact, some of the homes that Marcus built have such sources of energy providing the power required. Western Rim Property Services also works with environmental protection nonprofit organizations to safeguard the environment whenever it is developing a particular plot.

How Western Rim Properties Improved The Standard Of Living?

In the year 2004, Marcus Hiles founded the Western Rim Properties in order to improve the standard of living of the Texans. He felt that the amount of money that the people of his state are spending is not worth the money they are spending on buying properties. He felt that the Texans deserve much more than what they are getting now. With this aim in mind he started his real estate business at the young age of 28.

Properties by Western Rim

Western Rim Properties made sure that the houses the real estate company is building are worth the money the buyers are spending. The properties are made from high-quality material and are well-planned. The real estate company also builds custom homes for the buyers. Thus, the buyers are getting worth the money they have spent. Western Rim/Mansions Custom Homes comprise of all the facilities and benefits that one could ask for.

People buying residential apartments from Western Rim do not have to worry about the basic amenities. Schools, hospitals and marketplaces are near the houses. The apartments and commercial centers built by the real estate company is located at the heart of the cities, which means the residents will get access to all the amenities and facilities just before their hands.

It can be said that Marcus Hiles is building the best of Texas. He has constructed more than 20, 000 properties across the state of Texas. The company has taken care of the benefits and convenience of the people who would buy properties from it.

The Luxury Home Revolution in Texas by Western Rim Properties

Luxury homes have always been the province of the rich. This situation also existed in Texas. However, in the recent few years, a remarkable trend has been noticed in the Lone Star State of the United States of America. As per this trend, the people buying and living in luxury homes are those for whom these places should have been unaffordable. This trend or revolution in the real estate market has been brought about by Western Rim Property Services under the guidance of Marcus Hiles.

When establishing his real estate development business, Marcus realized that the market in Texas had failed to consider the affordable luxury residences sector. Other firms had tried to penetrate this market but found limited success. However, Marcus was convinced that this sector had potential and went ahead with Western Rim Property Services. Years later, Marcus Hiles and success in Dallas: the man behind Western Rim Properties has become quite famous in Texas.

Marcus Hiles stunned the real estate development market as he was actually able to succeed in his mission. He could create luxury residential communities and apartments without compromising on the price which was kept low enough to make those properties affordable.

Western Rim Property Services began to create these homes all of which were loved by the customers. Even the more discerning customers found these homes up to the standards they expected. This increased the popularity of the homes in Texas. Soon, more and more people began to ask for these homes which Western Rim Properties happily provided. Young Marcus Hiles sets out on noble mission and achieves it.

The Fascinating Life of the Real Estate Tycoon Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles is considered to be a real estate tycoon today. However, it was not always so. It took him years of dedication, perseverance and hard work to reach where he is today. The company he established, Western Rim Properties, is a billion dollar business today but it did not happen overnight. He is currently the CEO and chairman of this great real estate development company. The company offers high quality and furnished apartments and residential communities to people at very affordable prices. This has all been due to the modest upbringing of Marcus Hiles.

Marcus Hiles- Real Estate Guru hails from a middle-class family. While never poor, they were not rich either. Each cent had to be calculated and spent accordingly. His father worked as a minister in the inner city while his mother was a teacher. They ensured that the family had meals but anything more was simply a luxury that could not be bought. Marcus was given an education at a school where it was noticeable that he possessed intelligence and determination.

Marcus planned on continuing his education by going to a college but his family was not capable o coming up with the funds. Therefore, he worked and used his salary to pay for his education at Rice University. He was following it up with MBA studies when be established Western Rim Properties.

Marcus Hiles – A Man of Distinction was just as dedicated to his business as his studies. Within a few years, his business began to prosper and within two decades of company establishment, Marcus Hiles became a billionaire.

Get your dream house with Western Rim properties

Have you ever fantasized of moving but thought you could not afford it? Have you daydreamed of living in a luxurious house situated in the best neighborhoods in town? Of being surrounded with golf courses and having your own spa? Marcus Hiles puts your dreams at the reach of your hand.

With over 7500 properties under his care, he can make your visions come true. His constantly expanding real estate firm, Western Rim Property Services, offers you and your loved ones the opportunity of moving to the finest quality properties in the most exclusive areas of town while still in the range of your budget.

You may wonder how he manages to give you the best in town at a low cost and well, the answer is pretty simple: he takes care of the whole process of real state without hiring third parties that charge you great sums of money for a simple task. In this simple way, Western Rim Property Services saves you time and money while assessing you with the best advice in the State.

Make your dreams come true at once! Contact Western Rim Property Services and start living the life you and your family deserve.

The Success Story Behind Western Rim Property Services

Western Rim Property Services, a real estate management company in Texas, has branched out to include over 7,500 properties and homeowner’s associations. It has become the company to keep an eye on since they show no signs of slowing down. The man behind the success, Marcus D. Hiles, is the visionary who provides these luxury homes to everyday working families. Located in prime hot spots near schools and jobs, the properties include state-of-the-art amenities like infinity pools, spas, gyms, cafes, and in some cases, wooded areas and golf courses.

The son of an inner city minister, Marcus Hiles started with very little, but saved his pennies while getting an education at Rice University where he received his Bachelors, and then Pepperdine University where he earned his Masters in Business Administration. After graduation he set out to start Western Rim Properties, working on a unique business model. But it wasn’t long before he began to struggle. It was his father who had taught him that those who worked hard and never gave up found success in life. So, Hiles did just that. He worked hard and persevered.

Today, Marcus Hiles owns Western Rim Property Services and Mansions Custom Homes, providing only exclusive, original, luxurious homes. Between these two companies, his combined worth is over $1 billion in assets, and still growing, adding properties to their repertoire each year.

Hiles believes his success is due to his business model that focuses on the people rather than the properties. By providing them with innumerable amenities at low prices, the tenants can enjoy life and their time with family rather than worrying about that next paycheck, or even worse, losing the roof over their heads.

Hiles continues to surprise us with his community spirit, donating over a million dollars to K-12 and college education programs. He realized that education was the gateway to his success and believes strongly in providing the same opportunities for others. He continues to fund disadvantaged women’s groups and understands that women and single mothers need assistance to overcome situations that are beyond their control. He is a giver of the arts and helps music and art programs in schools and donated generously to children’s hospitals across the state of Texas.

Not only is Marcus Hiles a successful businessman and entrepreneur but a philanthropist, giving back regularly to his community and helping those who are in need of his assistance.